So LinkedIn has learned? No surprises this time?
No, this time a campaign informing their customers. With a 3 weeks notice. I guess we are one of the “lucky” first to experience the new complete new overhaul of the GUI. 10 new features I picked-up from the intro video and the webcast.

So what are these 10 new features?

Unified talent view in Projects
View your search leads and job applicants in one convenient Project view. Unified, looks nice to see all candidate in one projects. Only works if you connect the project with job posting (and the cost associated with that) and if you wrap the jobs like us it won’t work I guess. I will find out once it is rolled out to use in three weeks.


Screening questions for Jobs
Add screening questions to your job and better understand which applicants meet your qualifications. You can ask questions and tailor-made it per job. I guess this feature will help if you have bulk applicants.


Post remote jobs
A nice addition to the changing workforce, but not for us to be honest.


Reject candidates
You can also reject candidates via bulk mail, this won’t affect your InMails credits. The template is pre-configured you can overwrite this manually. They say this is improving the candidate experience. Well if you are not communicating at all with the candidates that is an improvement. But be sure you test it before you bulk reject people.


Reply to notes and tag in teammates
Easily reply to notes and tag teammates to bring them into the conversation. Yes, finally you no longer have to copy and paste information. The hiring manager or the hiring team must be part of the project or this won’t work. These notes you can keep for yourself (private) for some team members or everyone in the hiring team. So you can control this.

Coming soon(?): view your teammates’ communication history with candidates right in the candidate profile.
Coming soon, please now! This is one of the most requested features I guess within a corporate environment. Finally, you can see what colleagues have communicated with a candidate.

Slide-in candidate profiles
Review candidate profiles without opening new tabs. This is a feature I really love (on powerpoint) this saves a lot of opening additional tabs.

Spotlight search
The tabs are gone at the top (open for opportunities, likely to respond, past applicants etc) these are moved to the left facet search. Nothing new, but you can mix these. So past applicants and open for opportunities for example. Nice improvement.

Recommended matches
With every job you post, we’ll recommend candidates who seem like a fit. These matches will improve over time based on your feedback. Yeah right, I will look closely how these matches are made and see how the algorithm is working. I guess this is the biggest stretch for LinkedIn.

No limits in Projects
2,000 candidates per project were always the limit. So this limit is gone by the new LinkedIn recruiter & jobs.

Let’s see when it is coming what’s the verdict then, for now, it seems like they have learned?!