LinkedIn released a new feature, you can use #hashtags to follow a community (I presume). It only works on the desktop version so far. So I guess that they use this to filter relevant information. Furthermore you can click on discover more and you can see more insights of the “communities” as LinkedIn calls this.

You can also pin a #hashtag or community. Don’t know what that is for. But personal branding is important for me, so just pinned that down. 🙂

What has LinkedIn in mind with this feature? It looks like they want to know what information you want to see. “Tell us what you want to see in your feed” is the topic. You can’t search in this hashtags.

And now the really cool part you can see who is delevering the most posts in your network. You can filter down connections or outside your network or companies. Topic brings you to a feed of this #hashtag.